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7 Myths about DMIT

Since the introduction of DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test) in the year 2012 in India, a lot of myths about the test have surfaced. Let us confront each one of them and verify the truth behind the rumors.

MYTH NO. 1- DMIT is based on a kind of Palmistry.

  • TRUTH- Dermatoglyphics is a term intended to distinguish it from all the other sciences based on fingerprints including palmistry or astrology.

palmistry or astrology

Palmistry is the practice of making future predictions through the interpretation of lines on the palms. In contrast to that, dermatoglyphicsis the study of comparing, analyzing, and categorizing the patterns and the ridges in fingerprints which has nothing to do with future predictions. ‘Dermatoglyphics’ is a method based on Neuroscience where fingerprint patterns are studied to identify energy flow in different brain lobes, which further reveals the innates, tendencies, strengths, and limitations of an individual.




MYTH NO. 2- Fingerprints constantly change.

  • TRUTH- The size of the fingerprint changes but the pattern remains the same for the lifetime.

fingerprint test

Fingerprints are fully developed in the mother’s womb between the 13th week to the 21st week of pregnancy simultaneously with the development of the brain and they never alter.

Fingerprints can be permanently removed by a cut or temporarily lost by abrasion, acid, or some skin diseases, but they will regrow within a certain period.

Also, Fingerprints are as unique as DNA. No two persons can have the same fingerprints which further prove that every person has a distinguished thought pattern.



MYTH NO. 3- Everybody receives the same report.

  • TRUTH- We constantly make people aware that no two sets of fingerprints are the same, so it is obvious that no two reports are the same.

fingerprints test report

The format of the presentation is the same but the readings are totally based on the readings of an individual’s ridge count. It is impossible to create a universal report for everyone when various people have diverse sets of fingerprints.

Although there might be some similarities in habits, tendencies, or overall personality of any two persons, the entire report can never be the same.



MYTH NO. 4- No analysis can be done without understanding the client’s history.

  • TRUTH- ‘BRAINOGRAPHY’ is the most accurate report when compared to any DMIT test,  Psychometric test, or Aptitude test, with the astonishing fact that not a single question is asked about the client to generate the report.

DMIT test near me

While knowing about a client’s background would undoubtedly help the psychologist with understanding the client better but it’s not required when it comes to counselling with BRAINOGRAPHY.

Results in the Dermatoglyphics test report are based on the client’s inborn abilities, aptitude, and potential which help them in knowing themselves better.A certified BRAINOGRAPHER has no prior interactions with the client. Clients can expect unbiased and scientific opinions based on their fingerprint patterns.




MYTH NO. 5- DMIT reports are done only for career consultations.

  • TRUTH- DMIT reports can be equally helpful for every human being on this planet.

brain mapping test for career

One of the most widespread lies is that “DMIT just focuses on career counselling.” The fact is, DMIT is significant in all stages of life. It can equally help children, teens, parents, couples, working professionals, and even corporate.

It basically empowers you to reach the objectives and realize the aspirations, that you might want to prepare in advance.

If you have a deeper understanding of yourself, you can communicate more effectively and foster stronger connections. The report comes along with the remedial measures for your limitations, shortcomings,and your health.



MYTH NO. 6- A toddler or young child should wait until 6 years to do the report.

  • TRUTH- The first thing a toddler or young child should do is to get the report done. The earlier the better.

career counselling

Instead of doing trial and error methods if we come to know a child’s inborn talent in advance, nurturing becomes very easy. Thanks to BRAINOGRAPHY  many parents in India are now benefited by recognizing their child’s natural talents well before the infant even begins to speak.

Each child is unique and has unique learning needs that can be met by different learning approaches. It becomes simpler for the parents to develop their child’s persona because at a younger age the child is more eager to learn.



MYTH NO. 7- DMIT is fake and not authentic. DMIT is Pseudoscience. DMIT is a fraud.

  • TRUTH- There are more than 7000 research papers available on the internet on the science of Dermatoglyphics and several patents on the research and reports.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test

DMIT has undergone extensive investigation, just like all other scientific tests, to give you a real solution to your issues.

The vital information about yourself derived from your fingerprints is not pseudoscience, astrology, or palmistry. BRAINOGRAPHY is based on the science of‘ Dermatoglyphics – the scientific study of fingerprints. It is the result of tremendous research done by thousands of researchers and enthusiasts for more than the last 350 years. Dermatoglyphics is now a professional industry that studies on behavior patterns and health prognoses relating to Neurobiology, Genetics, Brain study, Embryology, etc.

Develop your strengths, live in your strengths, and be aware of your weaknesses. Look for the areas where your strengths are being hijacked and weaknesses are taken for granted. Take a DMIT test today from Brainography

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