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Career Counselling

What Is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a career guidance program that aids students and graduates in selecting the best career path based on their academic and professional preferences. Employment alternatives offered are determined by a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the student’s knowledge, traits, tendencies, abilities, information, experience, and communication ability. In India, it is not common practice to consult a career counsellor. According to recent polls, more than 90% percent of students were only aware of ten or fewer job alternatives, mostly the fundamental ones like Engineering, Medical, Law, Finance, IT, etc. On the other hand, there are currently more than 500 job alternatives available. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness of allthe career options.

7 reasons why students should seek career guidance

Although educators are putting a lot of effort into enhancing the educational system, among those who guide young brains in the right direction are career counsellors. Career counsellors step in to help pupils when parents, schools, or even experts are unable to provide adequate guidance. The counsellors’ responsibility is to inform those in need about all employment options and to demonstrate them.


  • Proper Investigation before advising career paths

The most important period in terms of selecting a career is high school. Many students choose the incorrect careers due to ignorance and uncertainty.Career counsellors at the ‘AOB- Academy of Brainography help students evaluate job options and market scenarios based on their research, level of experience, and knowledge. They are the best candidates to investigate and suggest a desired and suitable job path but with the latest applications. For instance, a lot of students may not know anything about astrophysics, sports psychology, or ethical hacking. Career counsellors can introduce pupils to all the viable market possibilities.


  • Guidance from a proven scientific perspective

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the training industry utilizes instruments that produce clear results. Additionally, counsellors use cutting-edge technical tools like personality, aptitude, and character assessments that have been effective in helping students and graduates to make wise decisions.Career counsellors evaluate students’ interests, personalities, aptitudes, and capacities using psychometric tests based on Neuroscience. This enables students to filter the most pertinent jobs in accordance with their evaluation reports and aids in their understanding of the latent abilities from a proven scientific perspective.


  • Provides a clear professional road map

By outlining a clear road map and a solid career plan for students, career counselors help students find the right track and achieve positive results. At AOB, career counselling goes beyond simply gathering data on a student’s job preferences. Utilizing proven scientific methods help students analyze their skills, which precisely comprehends how careers shape up as per the plan.


  • Settling conflicts between parents and kids

Parents frequently assume that they know what is best for their kids and base the stream selection on that assumption. The kids are worried they may end up in jobs they never wanted for the rest of their lives. These situations increase the difficulty of career planning and cause conflicts between parents and children. Parents and children’s viewpoints are respected and understood by career counsellors, who then suggest a good middle ground. By helping both sides comprehend the specifics of employment alternatives, they aim to be fair and subsequently provide a balanced recommendation.


  • Bridges in connecting with the field experts

Experienced professional Career Counselors utilize their business connections to get appropriate expert advice for aspiring students and graduates when required. Most of the time the field experts happen to be their previous clients whom themselves received the right guidance when they were students. In this approach, the career counsellors serve as a starting point for getting to know a larger network rather than a standalone part.They influence the students to think about instructive and accessible routes.


  • Provides updated data on the institutions and courses they offer

Today, professional guidance plays a bigger and more important role in our lives, therefore any decisions made regarding career planning must be made with the highest care and consideration. With so many certifications, programs, jobs, and universities to choose from, students are bound to get confused. Counsellors play important role in providing the latest and updated information which helps students to avoid errors in judgment.


  • Allows for the adoption of a respectful lifestyle

Understanding the importance of career counselling is the key to a blissful lifestyle.A wise career decision will provide students with an effective work opportunity and allow them to maintain a respectful and contented living. Additionally, the rightly chosen job route motivates people, increasing their self-assurance, knowledge, and commitment.India is a developing nation, and its greatest assets are its young people’s minds. To make an informed choice about their professional advancements, they must comprehend the importance of career counselling.



In this information age, every student or graduate needs to explore the ever-expanding career spectrum before making their career choices. Career coaching becomes mandatory in today’s world in establishing attainable goals and assisting students in realizing their aspirations. As discussed above, a clear road map to achieving future goals can become effortless with the advice of a knowledgeable counselor.



We offer accredited career advice from the top career counsellors here at AOB- Academy of Brainography. They will assist you in choosing your career path at every stage. This advice will be totally based on understanding your intrinsic abilities, which will be evaluated using the well-researched 10 LOBES BRAINOGRAPHY’ Program. We also educate parents about all the job options for their children

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