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10 Lobes Brainography

It’s not a Mystery, nor a Magic. It’s not based on Astrology.

It’s a Science, that always existed since the time of human evolution.

Discovered in India by Sage Samudra Rishi in 3102 BC as the most perfect system of human character identification.

Explained in the scripture, ‘SAMUDRIK SHASTRA’, & re-discovered by modern science as a study of ‘DERMATOGLYPHICS’

'BRAINOGRAPHY' Test is a Case Study Based on a Neuroscientific Evaluation of The Human Brain done by Decoding the Ridges of Fingerprints.



This proven analysis is based on the science of ‘DERMATOGLYPHICS’. Our 10 Fingers have a co-relation to our 10 Lobes of the brain. We scan all your fingers to decode the information about your brain and generate a 50-page report. This report gives a brief explanation of how your brain functions. Fundamentally this science will help you to map your character & precisely reveal your Outer & Inner personality. Also, it will indicate a few health symptoms and diseases that are likely to occur due to your thought pattern.


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