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Derma = Skin Glyph = Carvings on the Skin Dermatoglyphics = Study of the carvings on the skin. Harold Cummins, M.D. (1894-1976) is regarded as the "Father of Dermatoglyphics," the study of the skin ridge patterns on human hands and palms. The conclusions of his lifetime of research on ridges and fingerprint patterns serve as crucial instruments for identifying genetic and evolutionary links. The technique further evolved to identify human nature and tendencies by studying the fingerprints of a person. Dermatoglyphics now is a professional industry that studies behaviour patterns and health prognoses relating to Neurobiology, Genetics, Brain-study, Embryology, etc. Dermatoglyphics test not only reveals the innates of a person but is also widely used in the diagnosis of conditions such as schizophrenia, cleft palate, and even some forms of mental retardation. Also, methods based on Dermatoglyphics are employed in different sectors to support the population, ethnological investigations, and police identification.
BRAINOGRAPHY TEST is a case study based on the Neuroscientific evaluation of the human brain done by decoding the ridges of fingerprints, the science popularly known as ‘Dermatoglyphics’. ‘10 LOBES BRAINOGRAPHY’ is a 50-page report of a TEST of a person’s brain starting from age 1 up to retirement age that explains how the brain of the individual will function for his/her entire life. It will precisely reveal the outer and inner personality of a person. A personality of a person in its entirety includes a pattern of thought, attitude, and communication ability.
Every person has unique qualities and potential, but most of the time they are unaware or not sure of these abilities. By the time we gain maturity, one thing becomes clear: everything in this world is temporary, that includes the entire cosmos and ourselves. We then hustle to make the best out of whatever we have. The ‘10 LOBES BRAINOGRAPHY’ report based on Dermatoglyphics will precisely reveal your: • PASSION & PREFERENCES • INBORN INTELLIGENCES & ABILITIES • TALENTS & CAPABILITIES • TRUE NATURE & PERSONALITY • SHORTCOMINGS & LIMITATIONS A BRAINOGRAPHY TEST can help you to live your life to the fullest and make the most out of it.
The vital information about a person’s behavior derived from fingerprints is not pseudoscience, Astrology, or Palmistry.It is entirely based on science and is the result of tremendous research done by thousands of researchers and enthusiasts for more than the last 350 years. There are more than 7000 research papers available on the internet on the subject.
No, BRAINOGRAPHY is not a DMIT, Aptitude, or Psychometric test. It is similar to D.M.I.T as the method of capturing fingerprints is the same, but the report structure is far more advanced than any D.M.I.T. When it comes to evaluating the intricacies of human skills and behaviours, BRAINOGRAPHY TEST is quite accuratecompared to conventional Aptitude, Psychometric or DMIT test. BRAINOGRAPHY is the only company that provides 16 Inner and Outer Personalities and 16 Health Symptoms.
1. Call 8888677788 & book an appointment for door service to capture your Biometrics. 2. Give your Biometrics to our Company Executive and make the payment. 3. Get Your Brainography report in 2 to 3 days via E-mail along with a Video Presentation link and contact details of your Counsellor. 4. Go through the report & the Video presentation thoroughly before calling our Certified Brainographer for an online Counselling session. 5. Consultation session will be for around one hour, you can record the entire session. 6. You can also request an offline one-on-one session at your location. Call the above number for charges as per your location
We scan your fingerprints and decode the information on the density of your ridges and identify the basic fingerprint pattern. This data provides inputs for an in-depth analysis to decode the strength and limitations of the brain zone. By permutations & combinations of all the Fingerprints respective to the brain lobes, we can decode the entire brain and generate a 50-page report. Although this may sound hypothetical, this is so astonishingly true. Fundamentally this report helps to map the character of a person with pinpoint accuracy. It will precisely reveal the Outer & Inner personality of a person. Also, it will indicate a few health symptoms and diseases likely to occur due to their thought pattern. Once the report is generated the fingerprints get automatically deleted from the system.
The report is the same for everyone which starts from age 1, but the counselling is done according to age. • Below 7 years of age, we focus on parenting, nurturing, and learning patterns of the child. • For ages between 8 to 14 years, we focus on learning patterns, how to improve grasping power and how to improve concentration level. We suggest extracurricular activities which can be pursued along with academics. We single out a few activities for which if nurturing is given at a younger age, the child can pursue that activity as a career in the future. • For agesbetween 15 to 25 years, we focus on stream selection and career selection. We outline a road map toward graduation and post-graduation and also provide tips for grooming toward a particular job role. Also, we suggest hobbies that can be pursued as a stress buster. • From age 26 to middle age, we focus on the Professional quadrant, Stress management, Anger management, Health management, and Relationship management. • For retirement and post-retirement age, we focus on the activities to be done that can be helpful to make the most out of it during that age. Relationship management and Health management is the key area we cover. Suggestions are given on how to utilize the time.
The personality of a person derived from Aptitude, or Psychometric test has a limitation and cannot be relied upon for accuracy. BRAINOGRAPHY reveals the OUTER PERSONALITY and INNER PERSONALITY of a person with pinpoint accuracy. Your OUTER PERSONALITY is how people perceive you or how you appear to others while the INNER PERSONALITY reveals how you are from within with respect to the people’s perception. As per the BRAINOGRAPHY test, there are 16 outer and 16 inner personalities. We are the only company in the world that provide a personality meter where we show your match to each personality in percentages.
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