The mission of ‘ACADEMY OF BRAINOGRAPHY’ is to help every individual achieve excellence through the discovery of their Inborn talents & skillsets by conducting ‘BRAINOGRAPHY’ test and providing precise methods of nurturing their potential. AOB also conducts self-initiated research programs to map the behaviour patterns of people.

’10 LOBES BRAINOGRAPHY’ is an advanced brain study program conceived by ‘SIYASAAR ENTERPRISE’ and developed by ‘INTELLIFY WORLDWIDE PVT LTD’ with the sole aim to enrich people’s lives by eradicating the social evils caused by ‘Depression, Stress’ & ‘Anxiety’ resulting in successful, healthy & pleasant life.

Mr. Kamlesh Sheth​

Brainographer Mr. Kamlesh Sheth C.E.O.​

Mr. Kamlesh Sheth is an entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of the ‘ACADEMY OF BRAINOGRAPHY’. Having vast experience in the hospitality industry, working with multi-national companies in India & abroad he also has 5 years of experience in the field of Dermatoglyphics. Mr. Kamlesh is the Author of the ‘10 LOBES BRAINOGRAPHY’ program & the proprietor of ‘SIYASAAR ENTERPRISE’ which holds the copyrights of the software. He presides over the self-initiated research programs on human behaviour patterns conducted by AOB.​

Vishal Saraiya
Mr. Vishal Saraiya

Brainographer Mr. Vishal Saraiya C.O.O​

Mr. Vishal Saraiya is counsellor, trainer, co-founder, and COO of the ‘ACADEMY OF BRAINOGRAPHY’. An accomplished parenting coach, he has successfully guided over 5000 parents. He has 6 years of experience in the field of Dermatoglyphics & counselling. Prior to that, Mr. Vishal has worked for over 10 years in the Insurance sector & an “Associate” of the ‘Insurance Institute of India’. He is also a Certified Financial Planner (FPSB) with 6 years of experience in the Stock Market.

Mr. Jignesh Tanna

Brainographer Mr. Jignesh Tanna C.M.O.

Mr. Jignesh Tanna is Chief Marketing officer for the ‘ACADEMY OF BRAINOGRAPHY.’ He is also an experienced mind trainer for corporates, professors, teachers, & students. He has counselled more than 10000 people. Mr. Jignesh is a qualified mechanical engineer by profession. Prior to mind training, he worked for the machine & tool industry as a senior marketing manager. He has an expertise in working with Corporates and Institutions. Besides C.M.O. he also trains aspiring Brainographers for carrying out Client Consultations and Seminars for Education Institutions.

Brainography core team

Brainographer Mrs. Kashmira Sangoi

Mrs. Kashmira Sangoi, Certified in Psychological Counseling is a Career Consultant, Parenting Coach and Holistic Mind Development Trainer. Being co-founder @Mind Miracles, in past 9 years, she has helped students to unleash their natural potential, genuine interest, acquired skills and guided them to choose the right career path. She has also guided parents through modernized parenting workshops.


Brainographer Dr. Priya Kurle

Dr. Priya Kurle is a professional Psychologist (PhD) with 11 years of work experience in career guidance, overseas education, and counselling. She is the country representative for Eastern Michigan University. Prior to that, she worked with Columbia University, Ohio State University, and the London School of Business and Finance

Brainographer Mridula Tripathi

Brainographer Mrs. Mridula Tripathi

Brainographer Mridula Tripathi is CEO & Co-Founder at TRADE SCHOOL. She has 12 years of teaching experience in the field of Commerce. She is also a Motivational Speaker, Student counsellor & Start-up adviser. Her guidance has helped a start-up in getting award from President of India.


Brainographer Mr. Darshak Doshi

Mr. Darshak Doshi, B-tech in Computer Science, is Director & Co-founder of ‘Intellify Worldwide Pvt. Ltd’. He has 8 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science & Mixed Reality. Mr Darshak has designed and developed the Algorithm & Software for '10 Lobes Brainography’.


Brainographer Dr. Samir Zaparde

Dr. Samir Zaparde is a Physician, who did MBBS, MD, Post Doc Regenerative Medicine from the USA. He has 13 years of experience in students and child counselling. Dr. Sameer is a key promotor of the “10 Lobes Brainography” program.

Brainographer Mr. Hitesh Thadeshwar

Mr. Hitesh Thadeshwar is a Stock Market Analyst by profession. He is working in the stock market for 10 years. He is having experience of 6 years in the field of Dermatoglyphics as a counsellor. He has counselled more than 5000 people.


‘To Help You Discover Your True Passion and Define Your Character.’

PASSION plays an important role in quantifying the depth of your potential, and your propensity to give optimum performance. PASSION is the powerful flow of energy within you when you focus on what you love to do. Furthermore, converting your ‘Passion’ into a ‘Profession’ brings an unshakeable state of peace and fulfillment in your life. It proves to be critically important to your happiness and emotional well-being. CHARACTER plays an essential role in your Personality Development. It is the amalgamation of your individual qualities such as ‘temperament’, ‘essence’, ‘psyche’, ‘traits’ etc., which makes you unique and differentiates you from the rest.

Character is, for the Most Part,
Simply Habit Become Fixed.
You Cannot Dream Yourself into A Character,
You Must Hammer & Forge Yourself One.

Our vision is to show you the mirror of your true self by the scientific method- ‘BRAINOGRAPHY’. Much has been said and written on the methods of motivating, engaging, and bringing out the best in others. However, ‘BRAINOGRAPHY’ is the most scientific and notably accurate when compared to others, since it’s based on ‘Dermatoglyphics’- A medical study of Fingerprints. The inexpressible knowledge that you gain by knowing yourself is so astonishingly clear, certain, and revealing that it blows your mind and shatters all your previous ideas and conceptions based on ignorance, revealing the truth about yourself.

Our Mission

‘Academy Of Brainography’ — AOB, Is Committed To The Improvement Of Human Lives.

Our mission is to positively impact as many people and organizations in the world through ‘BRAINOGRAPHY’. Our goal is to enrich people’s lives through scientific evaluation of their strengths and limitations. We wish to enlighten people towards recognizing their thought patterns and the social evils caused by ‘Depression’, ‘Stress’, and ‘Anxiety’ through the study of their fingerprints, providing effective remedial measures to eradicate them.

“Enlightenment is the Discovery of a Whole Dimension of Your True Self, You had Never Experienced Before.”


‘ We Invite Like-Minded Individuals to Join us in Our Mission.’

Be a ‘Brainographer’ and Spread the Power Of ‘BRAINOGRAPHY’. Join our mission to create transformational change in our society through delivering the best research from the field of human psychology based on the science of ‘Dermatoglyphics’. No qualification except fluency in the English language is required. Our delivery of value includes Formal training, a One-month internship, Study materials, One-on-One coaching, and Hand-holding support for practicing counseling.

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