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Why Career Counselling Should Be Mandatory Before Grade 8th.

Justification for pursuing career counselling before 8th grade


Everyone pursuing their secondary education will have to face this million-dollar inevitable question- “What stream should I choose after the 10th grade?”. Students need to plan for this in advance to avoid last-moment hesitations and confusion. Studies show that knowing your career prospects at least 2 years in advance helps you to groom yourself better for that particular field. Once you zero down on the stream of your choice, you would naturally want to keep yourself updated on all the subjects that come under that stream. So, knowing your options well in advance gives you an edge over the rest.

     ‘Staying Ahead of Time is the Key to Prosperity ;- BRAINOGRAPHY

Common Method to Align Yourself with the Right Path


  1. Make a list of your interests
  2. Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Research the subject of interest and its Scope. Do your math on streams and their application.
  4. Align your intended stream with your professional goals.


Why choose ‘Brainography’ for Career Counselling?


Before completing grade 8, seeking career counselling offers various benefits. Here are some of the basic reasons for seeking career counselling before your 8th grade:

  • Professional career counsellors at ‘AOB- Academy of Brainography’ accurately assess your areas of strength, areas of weakness, skills, abilities, and potential by proven scientific methods. They determine and suggest the best Stream for you based on that.
  • AOB will provide you with precise remedies to enhance your academic performance.
  • Counsellorsat AOB will offer assistance and comprehensive counselling in career planning.
  • Counsellors at AOB will assist you in overcoming your phobias, bad habits, and threats so that you can succeed in a particular vocation.

Career counselling incorporates crucial course material it provides comprehensive knowledge about a certain sector. They provide you with detailed information on a variety of popular career paths.


What is ‘10 Lobes  Brainography’ and its Benefits?


career options after 10th


’10 Lobes Brainography test is a case study based on a neuroscientific evaluation of the Human Brain done by decoding the ridges of fingerprints. This proven analysis is based on a science called Dermatoglyphics.

Presentation video:

The Science: Our 10 Fingers are co-related to the 10 Lobes of the brain. Every finger when analyzed provides precise information on the quality and quantity of energy flow in the respective brain lobe to which it connects or correlates. This analysis reveals the accurate thought pattern of a person right from age 1 up to retirement age and beyond.

The Method: First, all 10 fingers are scanned from left, right & center. Next, the fingerprints are studied for fingerprint patterns and ridge counts. Once the information is collected, it is fed manually into the software program for generating the report.

The Report: The report gives a brief explanation of how the brain functions. Fundamentally it helps to map the character of a person. It will precisely reveal outer & Inner personality. A personality in its entirety includes a pattern of thought, attitude, and communication ability. It briefly explains all crucial aspects of the life of the person such as passion, preferences, innates, abilities, talents, true nature, shortcomings & limitations that will set every individual apart from others. Also, it will indicate a few health symptoms and diseases likely to occur due to the thought pattern of that person.

“Choose a Career Based on Your Passion, and You will HardlyHave to Work for the Rest of Your Life.”- BRAINOGRAPHY

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