know your self

Know Yourself

Identifying Your Passion and Inner Personality Through Neuroscience


What is Knowing One’s Self?


Most of the time it happens that people may know you better than you know yourself. Studies have shown that your colleagues & coworkers are more likely to give accurate descriptions of yourself than you are.

know your self

People often have misconceptions about how others think about them. It is also common for a person to underestimate or overestimate their intelligence and abilities. There is more to knowing yourself than just naming your favorite Bollywood song, your most-liked TV Show, or your most favored Dish.

Self-knowledge means understanding your Sensations, Thoughts, Beliefs, Values, Inborn Skills, Tendencies, and Behaviors. Knowing your authentic self can be achieved through constant self-awareness and self-consciousness but that is a tedious method where the results are not always guaranteed. The ‘BRAINOGRAPHY test is by far the simplest and most accurate method for self-awareness, trusted by Psychologists Professionals, Academicians, and people from various backgrounds.


Why is it Important to Know Yourself Better?      


You might have already heard the saying, “You have to love yourself before loving someone else.” Or “You should become your own best friend.” Knowing Yourself will increase your confidence, self-esteem, and productivity. You will have a more accurate perception of your skills, strengths, and weaknesses when you truly know yourself.

Through the hurdles of daily life, you will always have yourself. Only you know what it is like to walk in your shoes. And when things get tough, you are the first responder. That is why you must thoroughly KNOW YOURSELF.


Let us Dive into the Benefits of Knowing Yourself, Why It Is Important, and What to Look Out For.






You will consciously learn to accept the way you are. You often become very critical of yourself & lack self-compassion
You can let go of your self-doubt to improve your confidence. Uncertain about your life goal, you cave into others’ expectations.
Your conscience will become clear to make better life choices. Your relationships feel unsatisfying or you feel chronically alone.
 Your Emotional intelligence & Adversity quotient will improve. Your inner conflict will either bring Depression, Stress, or Anxiety.
You will know your worth & Self-compassion will come easily. Your career is unfulfilling, always looking for something better.
You will overcome fears & being disliked will not bother you. You are stuck in problematic behavior cycles, like a Rat-race.
You will express yourself freely & form better relationships. You make decisions based on fear or a sense of obligation.


Even if only one of these benefits appeals to you, it is worth getting your ‘Brainography test done.



10 LOBES BRAINOGRAPHY test has been appreciated & acknowledged by hundreds of professionals & experts. Over the years they have received thousands of testimonials from Parents, Housewives, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers, Educationists, Motivational speakers, Celebrities, etc.


The “Brainography test is a case study based on the neuroscientific evaluation of the human brain.




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